Hatha and Yin yoga classes



Kanwal combines focussed communication, knowledge of anatomy and spiritual insight to form a beautifully rewarding practice with her students.    Sophie, London (ZenYoga Camberwell studio and online classes)

Amazing, liberating, detoxing, energising, calming. Every class is different and will take you to an internal place you want to be, detoxed and ready for the day or week ahead! Kanwal has a deep knowledge of so many aspects of yoga and each class is in accordance with the internal/ external world. Very special, beautiful classes.    Joey, London (ZenYoga Camberwell studio and online classes)

I have been a regular at Kanwal’s classes for more than five years. Whether in person or online, she is an amazing teacher – just hearing her voice helps me relax, and she’s an incredibly creative practitioner. Each class seems to introduce new poses, so I’m always stretching myself (in a good way!).   Elena, London (ZenYoga Camberwell studio classes)

Kanwal introduced me to Hatha yoga two years ago and I continue to be a committed student of hers today.  Kanwal has a gift. Her soothing energy and all round wisdom have deepened my inner peace and how to better connect with people, places and things around me. She communicates clearly and intelligently the positive ripple effects that yoga has on life beyond the mat. I fully trust her practice and feel stronger as a result. I look forward to continuing my spiritual journey with Kanwal each and every week I work with her.   Ivana, London (ZenYoga Camberwell studio and online classes)

I’ve tried lots of different yoga classes and teachers, but none compare to Kanwal. Her teaching is superb. Her classes are so refreshing. Her sense of connection and warmth shines through.    Sonia, London (ZenYoga Camberwell studio and one-to-one classes)

I’m lucky enough to not have to go in to work on Friday’s which sometimes allows me time to de-stress and re-centre my mind and body at Kanwal’s class. I’ve attended this class both live and on Zoom and both have worked really well for me. Kanwal makes sure that no two classes are the same or feel repetitive. She invariably seems to work on body skills and issues that are just right and at the right level of stretch and tempo too – thoroughly recommended!   Matt (ZenYoga Camberwell studio and online classes)

I was introduced to Kanwal’s online yoga recently and have immensely enjoyed all the classes I’ve attended so far. Kanwal is an intuitive teacher and her style is engaging and accessible. I found her classes to be well planned, with clear instructions and great content. Her online classes are very easy to book and I love the flexibility of choosing times to suit me. I always feel relaxed, rejuvenated and centred after Kanwal’s yoga sessions and hope to continue in the near future.   Tina, Walsall (online classes)

I’ve taken Kanwal’s classes in person and since Covid, online, for the last 3 years. Kanwal is a remarkable teacher for her ability to so precisely and clearly articulate proper positioning (accounting for common pitfalls or strains that can happen from common mistakes or inclinations or postures) throughout the class, while maintaining a relaxing, meditative environment. Through her classes I’ve gained better physical awareness and sense of posture and proper alignment that I carry with me into other classes. Her classes are also accessible for all levels, yet challenging. My husband, who had never done yoga, has had positive experiences in her classes as she adapts and modifies for all ability levels in real time. Kanwal is an empathetic, attentive, and responsible teacher- as in, she takes care to ensure people are moving in ways that don’t compromise their health, but improve it. I feel so lucky that I stumbled into Camberwell Zen when I did and now have the privilege of attending her classes!    Kendall, London (ZenYoga Camberwell studio and online classes)